ABS-solutely Friday

A star-studded cast of ten PAX (red hot, Far Side, pacer, lucky charms, kay, deliverance, flo’rida, tarde, change order, epstein) met up in the foggy gloom where the only thing warmer than the weather was the mumble chatter. Mostly let by Far Side – WELCOME BACK – yhc was privileged to be able to stumble through another Q.

We began at 0530 sharp with a brief mission statement and listing of the five f3 core principles: 1 – free of charge; 2 – open to all men; 3 – held outdoors; 4 – peer led; 5 – ends with COT.

Mosey to cul-de-sac for warm-o-rama: american hammer x 20 IC + cindy crawford x 12 IC (repeato) + flutterkicks x 20 IC + imperial walker x 15 IC + hillbillies x 15 IC

Mosey to shelter 3 across the park: cherry pickers x 12 IC + step-ups x 20 (each leg) + ww2 x 30 OYO

Mosey to squishy playground: side-plank push ups x 16 IC (repeato) + rosalita x 20 IC + hold chillcut for 100 count

Mosey to drums near the dog park: monkey humpers x 20 IC + moon gods x 8 IC (repeato)

Mosey to shelter 2: LBC x 20 IC + dips x 20 IC

Mosey to cul-de-sac: ssh x 20 IC + frankenstein x 20 IC + don quixote x 12 IC + abe vigota x 9 IC

Mary: dying cockroach x 15 IC + low dolly x 20 IC + crab cakes x 15 IC + freddy mercury x 15 IC + american hammers x 20 IC

flo’rida graciously led us out praying for our brother’s at f3, thankfulness for God’s word and blessing on us all, sludge’s mom, far side’s continued healing, barbara (dr. evil’s sister), john (mulligan’s brother)

always an honor to serve with this fine group of men. thank you all.