BackBlast: Flash Bang Friday School Six

13 PAX assembled in the School Six gloom to see what was in store on this wonderful Friday.

YHC had high hopes when signing up to Q to make this a themed workout, but life got in the way last night, so YHC did what any career politician does, dusted off an old platform and trotted it out to the masses like a new vision for the future. “You’ll be better off after 45 minutes of this Q, just trust me”

To setup the school six parking lot with appropriate Wienke’s and lights, YHC had to venture out early to get setup. Passing Wham-O’s truck already cooled off from being parked for awhile at 5:20, YHC came across a mostly white skunk on the baseball field hill. This is the best picture I could capture. Trust me, it was there, and I don’t like skunks.

Political signs all around these days and a skunk sighting…seems appropriate

With a mosey to the parking lot, and no skunk in sight, we performed the following Warma Rama:

Seam Rippers

ABE Dean’s 3 count each side

Sun God’s both directions

SSH 1 IC (1 SSH is all you need in life)

3 Stations were setup for THE THANG

Guard Rail

Top of the parking lot

Baseball Field

The objective, which was inferred, but not communicated in verbal fashion completely (just like a good politician) was to travel to the top of the parking lot, up around the light pole, complete 1 exercise from the Wienke, travel to the baseball field, 1 exercise, up the hill to the guard rail for 1 exercise and then back to the top of the hill.

This set has now been used at the Bus Benches, Yard Birds amphitheater, Harmon Park, and now the School Six. It is tried and true, just trust me…

Yes, Irkins and Erkins are the same thing, like Revenues and Taxes….it’s all in the wording; just how you want to present it to the PAX to make them believe they are getting something different…..

The PAX were broken into 3 groups, the Rabbits, the middle class and the Clydesdales.

Top of Parking LotBaseball FieldGuard Rail
40 LBCs15 Monkey Humpers20 Irkin SHOULDER TAPS
40 Plank Jacks10 Bobby Hurleys10 Derkin Shoulder Taps
20 WWIIs15 Copperhead Squats10 PETER PARKER DERKINS
40 Freddy Mercurys10 Lt. Dans25 Erkins
10 Crunchy Frogs40 High knees10 Dying Cockroach
100 count Plank30 Gorilla Squats25 DIPS
15 Diamond Merkins30 Thigh Masters each leg25 REVERSE LBCs
15 Crab Cakes20 Lunges each leg25 IRKINS
15 Groiners20 Reverse Lunges each leg25 ROCKY BALBOAS
15 Ranger Merkins15 Wide Merkins15 CAROLINA DRY DOCKS
25 SSHs10 Prisoner Get Ups25 Monkey Humpers

Apologies to Monet for the wet grass on the hill.. hope the arm is ok after sliding down the hill and catching yourself.

Sludge appeared to be working out some kinks in his shoulder as well…..don’t go backwards in your recovery, you need that shoulder for the long haul.

Apologies to Flounder for forgetting he holds a degree from ECU and insinuating he got a piece of paper from NC State….. It could have been worse Flounder, YHC could have said you went to Va. Tech….

YHC’s group completed 9 of the 11 sets…for 1.66 miles, 4068 steps and 493 calories burned. Not a bad way to start the day…

Mosey back to the amphitheater parking lot for:

Pretzel Crunches 15 each side

25 American Hammers

Prayers for Mulligan’s brother, Dr. Evil’s sister

Sludge prayed us out with a plank prayer and then 22 for the troops.

An honor to place YHC’s name at the top of the Q sheet list, plagiarize an old work out and take credit for getting your day started on the right track.

Thanks for the push to get better each day.