Harmon West Backblast 10/20/20 – Cloning Dean

YHC rolled in at 5:28. Two minutes to spare. An eternity. The mumble chatter was already solid. I wasn’t even the last to roll in. As we began our mosey, Madoff lamented how Slice and Dice had urged him to post….only to fartsack.

Madoff likely starting a GoFundMe for Slice and Dice’s reminders

Good to see FloRida and Fortran, continuing to build back from injury and extended absence. Of course YHC welcomed all Pax with a reminder to “modify up to and including not following YHCs suggestions”. Someone immediately announced the starting mosey would need to be modified…

Modify as necessary.

This is an abridged version of what transpired in the first 2-3 minutes. Before any work had been done. Off to a great start.


  • SSH x10IC
  • Merkins x5 OYO
  • TTT x10IC
  • Merkins x5 OYO
  • Frank N Steins x10IC 
  • Merkins x5 OYO
  • Nancy Kerrigans x10IC fwd x10IC rev
  • Merkins x5 OYO

The Thang: YHC, Doctor Tardy, setout to “clone” Dean’s excellent 5/10/15/10/5 workout from last week…

At least on paper.
Minor “imperfections”, or rather, “modifications” may have occurred…

Mosey to Hugh Street for a five station circuit…

5 stations

At station 1, do 5 reps of first exercise on the list (Turkish get ups). Travel to station 2 for 5 reps of the next exercise (Lt. Dans). At stations 3-5, continue down the list…

  1. Turkish Get Ups
  2. Lt. Dans 
  3. LBCs IC 
  4. Monkey Humpers
  5. Merkins

We worked through that circuit five times, with 5, 10, 15, 10, 5 reps of each exercise. After the first lap together, I turned the Pax loose, with each to set their own pace.

As usual, Kay was the front runner.

Early finishers were met with alternating Balls to the Walls and planks. Congratulations. Your trophies are in the mail.

But seriously, great to see everyone work hard at the circuit. I believe everyone completed it, with some modifications.

On the mosey back towards the bank, we paused for an improv Bear Crawl, length of the parking lot behind Fitz on Main. Fortran told stories from his youth, when he was the fastest bear crawler in a three county area.



  • Slow Rosalita Whip x20IC
  • Crabcakes x20IC
  • Dying cockroaches x20IC
  • Pretzel Crunches x20IC (10 Left, 10 Right)
  • AH – x10

My very favorite moment of this entire workout occurred during and immediately following those 20 Rosalita Whips IC. Yes 20 was a lot. So when I immediately called for Crabcakes and at least half the Pax lay lifeless for a good while… mission accomplished.

PAX reaction to 6MoM

No waiting. YHC just started up the crabcakes and let the stragglers join in. Good to see everyone push through.

Finally, I’ve decided Change Order is the “Chipper” of Northern agression. Need to remind him to not be so talkative. It’s disruptive.

Change Order


COR: seven with the Q

NOR: FloRida, Fortran, Sprinkler, Change Order, Madoff, Kay, and Tardy

Prayers for Sludge’s mother having heart surgery tomorrow, for Kay’s grandmother who took a fall and injured her knee so has upcoming surgery, for Dr Evil’s sister going through chemotherapy, for Mulligan’s brother in rehab.

Mulligan led us out with a moving prayer.

Always an honor, and always right on time, Tardy

p.s. accidentally took this photo, and just putting it here…

An Ansel Adams masterpiece