Backblast, Northern Aggression, Bottom to Top

Eleven loyal pax gathered in the gloom in front of the bank to see what the morning would bring. After a concise mission statement and an admittedly long exercise explanation, the fun began.

Pax: Checkbook, Bidet, Lovie, Handy, Special, Flounder, Boone’s Farm, Slice & Dice, Wham-O, Beaker, Dr. Evil (QIC)


  • SSH’s, 15 IC
  • Sungods, SS, 16 IC, reverso
  • Seam Rippers, no clap, 16 IC
  • Abe Vigodas, super slow, 6 IC

Short mosey to Harmon Lane and spread out along the road to keep distanced during the workout. Pax was loosely paired. Each Pax would complete the first exercise, run across the field to complete two prisoner get ups and two burpees. The pax returns to the curb to complete the next exercise. The first section was devoted to lower body, the second to core, the third to upper body, and the fourth to shoulders/arms. Each pair of pax would make sure that they had completed the totals from the sheet for each group of exercises—a little “sharing of the load” which is core to F3.

A convenient travel Q for those of you who want to play at home

Alas, time ran out before the Pax was able to complete the entire sheet. The Pax was strong this morning, no doubt, and now that they are familiar with the exercises there is no doubt some will finish the next time his workout appears (next week?).

Mosey back to the bank, where the pax completed


  • Pretzel Crunches, 16 IC, reverso
  • American Hammers, 15 IC


  • Shortbread, Lovie’s 2.0, going to Lake Charles, LA for 2 weeks for mission work
  • Special’s Friend Family —Mom and Dad, Son all tested positive with symptoms, HS daughter’s test not back yet
  • Boone’s Farm job search
  • Barbara, Dr. Evil’s sister, in chemo
  • Checkbook’s reminding of social distancing, we are not out of the woods yet
  • Handy going to PA to do some Fall work for his family
  • Slice & Dice led us out (thanks!)

Well done by all. Great to see how well some of newer pax, Beaker and Bidet worked through the list. Other pax? Still fantastic.

I hope you got enough—so that you feel like you pushed yourself.

Aye, always an honor,

Dr. Evil