Backblast: Pain in the Park – School Six 10.17.2020

6 PAX joined YHC for a starry, dark morning: Boones Farm, Pacer, Gilmore, Epstein, Granny Panties, Chipper, and YHC. Prior to PAX arrival, YHC chalked out the workout … then when all arrived realized there was no light to see the workout laid out.

After an impeccable disclaimer, a not so enthusiastic WOR ensued:

  • Plank Jacks
  • Sun God’s
  • Hillbillies
  • Frankensteins
  • Seam Rippers

From there, we began the thang:

At amphitheater, complete 20 abyss merkins (10 each side). Move to the porte cochere for WWI’s. From there, bear crawl 8 parking spaces, then complete 20 prisoner get ups (a real crowd pleaser and not very friendly on the knees). Lunge walk up the hill to the speed ‘mountain’, then mosey to the school entrance for the remainder of the exercises:

  • Curb Albert’s aka Curb bangers X 20
  • Dips X 20
  • Monkey Humpers X 20
  • Reverse LBC’s X 20
  • Step ups X 20
  • Irkins X 20

From there, YHC informed all PAX they were on their own for how much/little they wanted to run, but all exercises were laid out – Rinse and repeat the above as many times in the time allotted. Some moseyed the school, others around the block, and others the minimal amount – get what you need!

Omaha was called to complete the Mary – Cindy’s & Hammers.

Prayers for Sludge and his mother – she’s better, but still needs our prayer, Dr. Evil’s sister, Boone’s and the job front, Checkbook and family.

Praises – Boone’s 24 years of marriage (to the same person!), Epstein posted on 3rd F about a miracle – seriously, good stuff locally that doesn’t make it in the news.

YHC led us out!

Always an honor to lead. Hope you got enough!

Extra credit at the Disc Golf course (Triad Park) and a Checkbook sighting was had – good to see you – SYITG soon.

Duvet out!