North Agression Backblast 10-14-20

After being bombarded with N.A felow pax about the time, YHC Chief Engineer checked his time and realized our watches were not in sync.

With a almost perfect disclaimer ( atleast I think it was perfect) YHC called for a longer than normal mosey

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All aboard the pain train to find the Kvegas train

With our on time arrival to the Train Depot, we made a very misshapen circle for Mary. Only to be shocked to see @dr-evil leisurely stroll in around the corner.

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Dr Evil-” Oh hello Pax members, That’s cute yall started on time…”


Seam Rippers, Abe Bigodas, Goof Balls. All the while dodging those dang cars…

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Dont they know F3 is slowly taking over every morning!!!!

After yet again another perfect explanation of the workout and PERFECT most random playlist. We began our departure of the workout. Partner 1 would be on the rail road track doing said exercise while parter 2 ran around the depot to the street and did the exercise. Done simple!!!

Partner 1Partner 2
1-Shoulder TapsBear Crawl Down parking spaces sprint back
2-MerkinsWW2 X 20
3-Rocky BalboasBaryshinikovs X 25 ea Leg
4-High PlankDiamond Merkin X 15
5-Peeing Dog AlternatingDuck Walk down and sprint back
6-WW2Goofballs X15
7-WW1Monkey Humpers X20 IC
8-Wide Arm MerkinsMTN Climbers
9-AL GoreNolan Ryan x 20 Ea side
10-Plank JacksPickle Pounder x 15 IC
11-Carolina Dry DocksSumo Squats
12-Peter ParkerParker Peter x 15 IC
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@sprinkler as if I explained it in spanish
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with no train in sight, the emotion of sadness weight heavy on the rail crew

The highlight was not being able to hear @dr-evil for the mere minutes that our finest fire dept flew by with their sirens blazing.

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Omaha called and moseyed back to our bank with a quick pit stop.

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Welcome to the club @monet

Still with YHC’s clocked not in sync, we did sucides in the bank driveway, for the win and circled up for Mary

Box Cutters


Hand Release merkins

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@fffkay ” not part of MARY!”
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Or Else!

American hammers

Pain train Ticket punchers: @madoff, @fffkay, @drewjanderson, @flounder, @changeorder, @redhott, @sprinkler, @boones’sfarm, @blue-hen, @handy, @dr-evil


@dr-evil sister and her cancer relapse!!!!

@sprinkler and his cousin with cancer

Cancer sucks Memes
No jokes there!

Always an honor to lead a perfect Q, and show you how its done! (maybe)

Slice n Dice