Backblast – FBF – Bus Benches “All hail the King – Tribute to EVH – a Crawdaddy / Livenation production 10/9/20

Pax: Whamo, Water Wings, Monet, Blue Hen, Change Order, Handbells, Deliverance, Mulligan, Red Hot, Chipper, Duvet and Crawdaddy

QIC: Crawdaddy

12 hard rockin’ fans of the fret board showed for what 24 hrs prior was to be a Boone’s Farm beatdown. Instead the band headed into the studio to see if magic could be caught in a bottle, then sold. With the passing of a musical legend that has been such a an integral part of many of our lives, the QIC though a sendoff was in order. With a botched disclaimer like a terrible opening band, we went on tour with a step goal to reach 5150…

WAR: Side Straddle Hops, Helicopters, Abe 3 count, Chinooks, Hurdler stretch and Goofballs

The group was then told to form a band..

Once formed each band would go to a tour stop and perform until the end of the song. Rinsing and repeating until the music stopped.

Set List

Stop 1 – 10 Big Boy Situps / 10 perfect Merkins

Stop 2 – Squat each stair / 10 Mt. Climbers (IC)

Stop 3 – Lunge cross walk lines, Jailbreak to the Oak tree and mosey back

Stop 4 – 10 Step ups each leg / 10 Carolina Dry docks

At the stop of each song the group kicks out their lead singer who runs to the stop sign and back, to then rejoin the band. A forced solo project if you will.

With a complete world tour near the end. The promoter called for the bands to come to the stage and reconcile with former lead singers..

All bands then did full mosey out to the street for a final bow, dubbed the Monsters of Rock.

Backstage we all gathered for Mary:

Low Slow Flutters, Ab roll 10 count, Dying Cockroaches and 21 American Hammers.

Prayers for Tarde’s Grandmother, Far Side, Checkbook and his family.

Handbells led us out.

Post Q run was held to push the step number over the threshold (5150) and a vain attempt by the QIC to spell out to the satellite a final tribute to EVH.

Always a pleasure gents – Crawdaddy out!