Backblast: Skate Rats Go with your own flow 10.03.2020

45 degrees. No wind. 10 PAX. Recipe for a perfect morning. So why not add the layer we American’s all love – choice. This mornings queue was not for the faint of heart, but individuals were in charge of whether they got enough … or not.

The disclaimer was slammed back like a bud light on the frisbee golf course and we began with a mosey – oh wait, no body drinks beer during frisbee golf anymore. Mosey to shelter one for SSH – Sludge counted while YHC explained the routine this morning. The gist – one cube at a shelter with six exercises and a number. Roll twice for two exercises. Multiply number on cube by number of PAX in your party. Default 25 reps for the loaners.

Mosey to second shelter for Moroccan Night Clubs and finish explaining what was explained above – for those who know, I’m not great with counting and syncopating cadence, so imagine me giving instruction, counting and keeping cadence.

Mosey to BBall court for final WOR: Under the Bridge, Helicopter’s, and Frankensteins. PAX then discovered the third station where Blockie’s were in order – 15 to be exact and if a piece of channel was in use, then suicides or lunging the court was the waiting room.

The exercises on the di at the shelters:

  • WWI’s
  • Dips
  • Irkins
  • Orangutan Squats
  • Plank Jacks
  • Gorilla Humpers
  • Crab Cakes
  • PAX Choice – and a few more … children are trying to interrupt this backblast

Random musing: There was going to be a F.A.Q. Completed … a Fortran Asked Questions board, but YHC ran out of time. Boone’s Farm and YHC spent more time at the Blockies area for strength training. Sludge/Special were running all around for their cardio, Kay and Madoff just beasted the routine, Epstein and Spurrier just kept moving, while Lucky and Checkbook moved at their own pace while still ensuring a good day. The point of this queue was not to finish first, but to push yourself to your own limits of what you needed for the morning.

The infamous Ab Roll and Hammers were Mary.

Prayers for Mulligan’s brother, Boone’s Farm (job), Tarde’s Grandmother, Fudd’s ceremony, Farside, Mallcops Wife’s Grandfather

Announcement: Spurrier’s AO at 12pm Wednesdays at Oak Ridge Park … 2nd F at Beer Den afterwards – Sludge and Lucky will be early for 2nd F.

An honor to lead and a blessing to be a part of this community!