Flash Bang Friday School Six

Pax: Everyone who signed up except for one man!!!!!!!

Short mosey to the back of the school for WOR.

Deans, Seam Rippers, Sun Gods, Chinooks, Lucky Steins

Partner up with some one to your same age.

I got stuck with Noah (aka Lucky) because we have no one close to his age!!!!!

The Thang

6 Stations around the perimeter of the back parking lot

Station 1 15 Plank Destroyers

Station 2 15 Burpees

Station 3 15 Exploding Gorilla Squats

Station 4 15 Diamond Merkins

Station 5 15 Plerkins

Station 6 Take a lap around the track

The game was simple you and your partner rolled the die and it told you what station to go to. You always ran around all the stations to get back to the die. If you rolled the same station back to back you had to run suicides on all the bus lines.

Then after Omaha was called you had to do the station that you visited the most one more time. Nice Job By the Pax.


Check Book lead us since Lucky and I had to make another trip around the track!!!!! When we got back we did the rest of the Ab Roll and finished up with AH. (Thanks Check Book)

COT Mulligans Brother John, Mall Cops wife Grand Dad passed away, Farside, Fudd with his Wedding that he will perform tomorrow.

Mulligan lead us out.

22 for our Vets

I am honored to spend 2,700 seconds of them each morning I get to workout with this group!!!!!