Flash Bang Friday, Bus Benches, Flip of the Card

3 Loyal Pax joined at Bus Benches to help honor the other maxed out AO’s. I

Tarde, Red Hot, and Dr. Evil (QIC) joined in the gloom for a new, deck of cards/bingo format to “see how it goes.”


  • SSH’s, 20 IC
  • Nancy Kerrigans, 15 IC, reverso (thanks, Tarde!)
  • Dean Vigodas, 10 IC (directed to warming up Red Hot’s ailing back)
  • Seam Rippers, 10 IC

Mosey School Street to Nelson to Mountain Street and back to the Benches–approximately 6x of the typical Feats of Strength mosey.

The Thang:

Waterproof Deck of Cards and a card of exercises, based on the number of the card and the suit.

Without replicating the card here, the counts were as follows:

  • Aces: 25
  • 2-6: 10
  • 7-K: 20

For some reason, the pulled cards were heavy on legs. Monkey humpers, Gorilla humpers, Gorilla squats, Capuchin squats, Side Lunges, Rear Lunges, Forward Lunges….

However, the crowd favorite seemed to be the 20, IN CADENCE, Peter Parker Merkins. Count ’em, gents, that’s 40 merkins in Peter Parker form. Awesome. It’s little brother, 10 PPM’s, seemed almost impossible later. Thankfully the Ace was not pulled….

Vulnerable to over heating, the Shovel Snouted Lizard does a 'thermal  dance' to release heat by alternating which feet are in contact with the  desert sand. : Awwducational

Nice job by the pax working quickly through ~25 rounds.


  • LBC’s, 30 IC
  • Pretzel Crunches, 15 IC, reverso
  • American Hammers, 15 IC


  • Tarde’s grandmother in TX rest home, recovering from COVID, and the rest of the residents
  • John, Mulligan’s brother fighting alcoholism. Let’s not forget, it’s not 1 and done, it’s 1 day at a time
  • Dr. Evil’s sister–cancer is back, 3 more rounds of chemo
  • 25 Merkins, for Men in Blue and Soldiers

I hope you got enough–thanks for the feedback on the workout.


Dr. Evil