Backblast: Poison Ivy 9.30.20 Early morning BLUES

14 pax posted Wednesday morning to see if they could shake off the mid-week early morning blues. Or as Dean suggested “we really just came to see if we could hear Chipper’s voice” . Upon hearing that YHC decided not to recycle last weeks Q with the guys over at the monastery and gave a thorough disclaimer. We then took off for a short mosey beyond the gate to the WOR location.

The band of PAX included:

Elroy “Dean of the Blues” Jefferson, Clayton “Crawdaddy” Cleveland (former front man for the Mountain Street Monkeyhumpers), Mississippi Duvet Nixon, Blind Lemon Mulligan , Benjamin “Bambi” Buchanan, “Gaseous Harold” Gilmore, Willard “Lucky Charms” Johnson, Broadside Barry Clinton, Air Break Taylor, Texas “Tardy” Monroe , Peg Leg Pacer Adams, Leon “Crankbait” Coolidge, and Fiddlin’ Fudd Lincon.

PAX group photo

Even the most seasoned band needs a good WOR so we started off the session with

  • Side Straddle Hops
  • Dean Vigodas
  • Seam Rippers
  • Frankensteins
  • Sun Gods

Mumblechatter was strong with YHC’s cadence count described as “Charlie Brown’s Parents voice”.

Micro Mosey to the far side of the parking lot for

  • B Burpies – 2 at first parking line, increasing by 2 each line
  • L Lunges – Mode of travel between each parking line
  • U Underdogs – 2 sets of 15 under the tables, with 15 erkins between
  • E Elevens – On the wet grass of the soccer field hill -WW2’s, Lt. Dans
  • S Suicides – with a Bobby Hurley at each line

Time expired as Bobby Hurley took his final shot and it was time for Mary..

  • Supermans
  • Boxcutters
  • Freddie Mercuy
  • Cindy Crawford’s
  • American Hammers


Prayers for the family of the Appalachian student who passed away from COVID, Tardy’s grandmother and her neighbors, Mulligan’s brother.

Crankbait led us out.

Always an honor to be associated with this group of HIM. – Chipper