Backblast Northern Aggression, W 9/30/20

Eight loyal PAX (@Whamo @sludge @sprinkler @fffkay @blue-hen @boone’s farm @madoff @beaker) along with the Q, Mall Walkers Anonymous aka @Bidet showed up in the gloom for a Wednesday morning beat down. Lovie’s whereabouts remain unconfirmed.

Mosey over to Fidelity Bank

Warmo: SSH, Seam Rippers, Hillbillies, Sun Gods, and that one that you hold them straight up

The Thang: Harmon Ln mosey – We started at Fidelity Bank and ran the entirety of Harmon Ln. and back. American Flags – 20 merkins, Stop signs – 20 LBCs or 20 Squats. Pain station at Kernersville Public Library: crab walk around the flag pole and 10 burpees.

Time allowed for a mosey over to the Farmer’s Market for Lunges, Bear Crawl, and 20 more merkins in front of the police station.

Mary: Cindy’s on both sides, American Hammers

COT and Sludge lead us out.

It was good time and fun first Q! Thank Gents – Bidet out