Backblast Northern Aggression NW 9/30/20. WOR Ad Nauseam.

The Pax and a stow-a-way: Special Ed, Elaine, Change Order, Granny Panties, Deliverance, Monet, Slice & Dice, Epstein, Handy, Dr. Evil, and QIC, YHC.

Mosey – Nope.

WOR:  Here’s the Thang.  We attempted to get in one tabata round for every WOR exercise we’ve ever done.  I came up with 40.  We got through 35.

So it went like this. 45 second tabata rounds with 15 seconds rest between each round.  45 seconds rest after every 5 rounds.

Abe Vigodas
Seam Rippers
Copperhead Squats
Mtn Climbers
Imperial Walkers
Camel Toes
Crunchy Frogs
Thigh Masters – left leg
Imperial Squat Walkers
Dying Cockroaches
Thigh Masters – right leg
Peter Parkers
Cindy Crawfords – left side
Freddie Mercuries
Parker Peters
Cindy Crawfords – right side 
Diamond Merkins
Box Cutters
Gorilla Squats
Seal Jacks
Pretzel Crunches – left
Wide Merkins
Homer and Marge
Monkey Humpers
Plank Jacks
Pretzel Crunches – right
Carolina Dry Docks
Low/slow Flutters
Alternating left and right Lunges

6MOM: American Hammers

COT: prayers for the men inn blue, Tardy’s g-mother and her fellow assisted living mates fighting covid, Mulligan’s brother fighting addiction. And pray we don’t EVER have to watch another presidential debate like that one.

What’s the ultimate test of a good workout?  Mumblechatter.  If the mumblechatter continues throughout the workout, then the workout is lacking in cardio.  There was more mumblechatter today than in last night’s debate.  Verdict – bad wienkie.  It looked good on paper, but sometimes that just doesn’t translate to a F3 worthy beatdown.  Feel like I kind of let the Pax down today.  Ceremonial burning of the wienkie at high-noon.  Anyone have Taps in their playlist? 

Always an honor to lead.  Checkbook, out!