Bus Benches 9-28-20

We had a fine showing of strong men and a good workout to test their abilities.

Pax: Granny Panties, Madoff, Whamo, Special, Elaine, Change Order Chipper, Lovie and Pacer. QIC Sludge

Short mosey before WAR

WAR: Seam Rippers, Deans, Chinook, Sungods,

Thang: There were 3 coupons under the street light at the entrance to the football field. There were five exercises which you would do the 1st exercise and then go to the coupons and do 15 curls or Military press. The you would repeat the 1st exercise and then do the 2nd exercise and back to the coupons. So on and So on.


  1. 5 hills with an exploding Lt. Dan with each trip to the bottom of the hill on the side walk.
  2. 10 Irpee’s with jump ups onto the bench
  3. 15 Inverted Rowes
  4. 20 Derkins
  5. 25 Big Boy Sit Ups

T-claps to Whamo and Madoff for setting the pace.

Also for Whamo who went and found Granny Panties doing Big Boy Sit Ups all by himself because he was unable to hear Omaha. T-Claps for Granny Panties who is starting his 4th week of F3. This is a huge accomplishment since he used to not be a morning person.


LBC’s, Cindy’s, WWI, Dying Cock Roaches, Box Cutters, Super & Iron Mans (since Hook Em was at Feets). Back Stretches and Hammers


Keep Friday Farside in our prayers.

Special lead us out.

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”

Be the person that makes it happen this week. You got it started off on the right foot.

Always and Honor to Lead