Wet socks, dry clothes

Three PAX including YHC gathered under the cozy confines of KES vacated bench area awaiting the arrival of our favorite local contractor, but instead were left holding another change order – this time due to weather. With the skinny crowd and heavy rain it didn’t take much coercion for YHC to submit another change order… To the weinke! We stayed dry for the duration throughout a Dean-esque improvisation following a solid disclaimer and Warm-o-Rama.

WOR consisted of SSHx10 IC + 1 burpee OYO + sun godsx10 IC (reapeato other direction) + 2 burpees OYO + helicopters x10IC +3 burpees OYO + IWx12 IC + 4 burpees OYO + hillbilliesx12 IC + 5 burpees OYO

The pax decided to forego the moisture and attempt to get enough exercise to make it through the last day of the work week under cover

Thang 1 – round and round the stairway to heaven (not the 10m:50s live version)

Thang 2 – cupid shuffle #crowd pleaser at the time but this song was stuck in my head the rest of the day! Plank for 4m:40s with side to side, kicks, Makhtar N’Diayes, and merkins

Thang 3 – since the rain let up for a few we took a mosey around the loop down to the stipe sign and back to the benches for some more work including irkins, dips, step-ups, and single-leg squats, SPPUx13 IC (repeato other side)

6 MOM – low dollyx13 IC + rosalita x 13 IC + lbcx25 IC + American hammerx15IC

Prayers for Dorothy (tarde’s grandma) who tested positive for covid-19 in TX with 39 percent of the population at her rest home and continued prayers for John (mulligan’s brother) and family for more improvement and growth with a tough situation.

I’m so thankful to be a part of this great group of men and blessed to be able to lead.

Stay tuned for the original Q…