2020-09-25 School Six Splashblast

(5) unintelligent PAX (Crawdaddy, Monet, Slice-n-Dice, Chipper, and Dean) assembled in the gloom for a soaking beatdown. At 5:27 AM Crawdaddy pleaded with YHC to see if we could move the workout to zoom to avoid the rain….YHC, stuck looking at Fox News until 5:29 was not able to get zoom set up that quickly, and we descended out in the gloom.

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Crawdaddy Wanted this image via zoom…

We started at the Porte Cochere (renamed the Grub Hub by C-diddy)

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C-daddy clearing the grubs

After a quick disclaimer, we realized there were much too many grubs to do WOR at the Grub Hub…so we went to the former yard birds AO for the BIG porte cochere for WOR of:
Abes – 3 Count
Seam Rippers
Hurtler’s Stretch
It was at this point that Slice-N-Dice began lobbying for a dry workout…A trip to Waffle House was suggested where we as PAX then lie about what we really did…Chipper wouldn’t have it though…so we decided to embrace the wetness of the gloom.

Then it was time for Thang #1
Ladder of 11 Lt. Dans at bus parking lot (Per Gilmore’s instruction)
Then trip through the bus benches crowd back to the Big PC for 30x WWI

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That feeling you get bookending your week with a Gilmore themed Q

Thang #2
Baryshnikov ladder 7x at the Skate Rats b-ball court
Then, to complete getting soaked, we did 30x WWI on the court, flipped over for superman, then got the sides soaked with Cindys…

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Thang #3
Visit the Skate Rats crowd with Himalayan Humpers on the Picnic tables at shelter #1. Then back to bus parking for 4x ladder of squats. Then some squats led by show me the “Monet!”

Show Me the Monet: A Card Game for Wheelers and (Art) Dealers  (9781984824295): Cushing, Thomas W.: Books - Amazon.com

Then to the original spot for Mary’s. It was at this point that the Q informed the pax they wouldn’t be needing gloves as we would be doing a leg workout.

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Prayers for schools reopening.

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Finished with 22s with the last push-up being a hand-release merkin. A real crowd pleaser!

Season 12 krusty the clown GIF on GIFER - by Chillcliff

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