Backblast – Northern Aggression SE – 9/23/2020 – The First Chapter

This being the VQ for YHC, this backblast is more of a statement of facts than a story…

PAX: Slice ‘n Dice, Epstein, Sprinkler, Handbells, Lovie, Deliverance, Special, Dr. Evil, Kay, and Elaine (YHC)

IC Side straddle hops
Dean Vigodas
Seam rippers
IC Hillbillies
IC Chinooks

The Thang:

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camera: 1,013 
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This was the original route with stops, but since exercises were modified and last minute additions were made, the list isn’t entirely accurate. Stop #7 was added during the working…

  1. Bear crawl down the parking lot and lunge back
  2. Delegated exercises that I couldn’t even attempt to remember, holding Al Gore for the 6
  3. Merkins, Plank Jacks, SSH for the 6
  4. Freddy Mercuries, delegated core exercises, squats for the 6
  5. 3x rounds of partnered Derkins and Bobby Hurleys
  6. Delegated exercises, Irkins, and Burpees for some reason…
  7. Unlisted location, something involving Lt. Dans and a lap around the shops

Homer & Marge
American Hammers

COT: continue to pray for guidance and blessing with Slice ‘n Dice’s business with COVID impact, as well as prayer for everyone to keep their heads about them with everything that is going on in our country.

The good doctor led us out.

It was an honor to lead!