Backblast – Poison Ivey – Weds 9/23/20 – “Where in the world is Shearcon” – a Crawdaddy expedition

Pax: Dean, Granny Pantys, Mulligan, Air Breaks, Tardy, Duvet, Sludge, Lucky Charms, Gilmore, Mall Cop, Pacer, Crawdaddy (Shearcon in spirit)

QIC: Crawdaddy

As gloom broke over the AO, Dean rose to do his morning ritual of counting his socks, checking Fox news for the only real news and making his daily call to Shearcon to see what NC State underoos they would both be wearing today. Like a wolfpack onesy that has lost it’s built in feet, what he found was shocking.. Shearcon did not pick up. Devastated (as if he had lost his protractor) Dean flashed the Wolf symbol and called a council of the Legion of Gloom to find the missing soulmate. The 12 pax that answered the call would be led to the four corners of the AO in search of the second most interesting man in the world.

I don’t always farsack, but when I do I’ve been out all night with Chipper, Bambi and Hook’em

Not wanting to pull anything the legion needed to warm up before breaking camp.

WAR: 10 Side Straddle Hops, Chinooks, Frankensteins, Helicopters, Hurdler Stretch, Abe Vigotas and Seam Rippers

Off in earnest, the legion went to Shearcons last known whereabout.. the beach. We concluded it must be near the retention pond at the lower lot. Upon arriving we searched the earth and sky.

20 Merkins- roll to (tread water) with Low Slow Flutters waiting on the 6 – 6 in the legion does 10 count LSF in cadence.

travel to the next corner where we ran into jellyfish and had to do 10 in cadence.

2 more locations at the beach – 20 Merkins and low slow flutters each.

Finding no Shearcon we concluded he may be out spearfishing

So manly he doesn’t even wear a mask.

Figuring it was fall we headed to the woods as he always seems to be out killing things during hunting season. We knew he had a blind down on the turf field, so we mosey’d down.

10 Prisoner Get ups – LBC’s waiting on the 6 then 10 IC as a group.

Group then ran to other side of the field. We thought we heard shooting, so logically we sent Dean alone directly at it to investigate.

Rest of the Legion did 2 more stops of Prisoner get ups and LBCs. When Mulligan thought he heard a banjo and it turned out to be 20 Hillbillies IC

Sadly Dean rejoined the group only to say he thought he heard an arrow fly past his head while searching..

Dean’s awkward height makes this a difficult shot.

Leaving the woods we headed for the mountains. Only to get stopped by Granny Panties who thought he heard the English language being butchered. Nope – just 10 more Hillbillies IC.

The sound of fiddles hung in the air as we mosy’d away.

As we headed for the mountains, confidence was high. Lucky Charms even reminded us of the time he and Sherman did a march to the sea on a hike one time.

As we scaled the summit the group pressed on doing 10 Step ups each leg, then Mountain climbers waiting on the 6.

Once done, we remembered that he actually subs out all his work to India so we climbed back up to check the satellite feed on the transmitter.

Another 10 Step ups and Mountain Climbers.

On the way down, Duvet mused that he could possibly be on the other side of the mountain.

Lack of oxygen at altitude is no problem for Shearcon.

With the legion running out of options, they had one last place to check. A series of rapids on his kayak route, these were filled with dippin dots.

Suicide run – 5 WW1’s at the base line 5 dippin dots at each line.

Tardy took to the water like a liberal duck and soon left a wake. Solid work by Duvet and Airbrakes, with Gilmore as usual rounding out the Kenyans. Still no sign of Shearcon.

He tends to get a big head on the water..

With the search in vain we bolted for basecamp for Mary.

6MOM: Homer and Marge with Burns, Pretzle Crunches, Dying Cockroaches and 11 American Hammers:

In the end, we came up empty, as he was always one step ahead. Then like a bolt of lightning it struck Pacer.. Nobody checked the fartsack..

The group called his phone post Q but the hammock had him and wouldn’t let go.

Prayers and concerns: Dr. Reverend Fudd and his upcoming wedding officiating, Boone’s farm on the job front, Mulligan’s brother John, and the Weaver Family.

Gilmore Took us out.

Always a pleasure Gents – CD out.