Backblast – Bus Benches 9/18/20

66% chance of no rain turned in to 100% no rain for what was a Tardy-esque beat down. YHC (Mulligan) channeled his inner Tardy and did not prepare a weinke, and I will say it was quite liberating. I believe there were 11 PAX plus YHC;
Special Ed, Blue Hen, Far Side, Deliverance, Sludge, Elaine, Love, Caddy,
Gilmore, Water Wings, and Lucky Charms

After warmorama, which was a run to Mountain St, followed with helicopters, chinooks, hillbillies, and frankensteins the PAX paired up. This would be a workout where partner 1 performed an exercise while waiting for partner 2 to travel, perform an exercise with a prescribed rep count. Partner 2 would run back to #1 and flip flop. Two rotations were performed of each.
At the benches, step ups for #1 while #2 ran to hand rails and did 10 big
boy situps,
Then dips at the benches and 10 inverted rows at the hand rails,
When then played “catch me if you can” down School St to Nelson St and
through the parking lot back to the benches. #1 did three burpees while
#2 ran. #1, post burpees, ran to catch #2, at which point #2 does three
burpees and then runs to catch #1.
Last but not least and for Dr. Evil, #1 did Rocky Balboas at the bus
benches curb while #2 bear crawled across roughly 2/3 of the parking lot
and ran back to relieve #1.

We then moseyed to the school six for a little meet up. Tardy happily played Roxanne; hold plank, Roxanne = merkin, and red light = plank jack.

Mary was LBCs, protractors, Cindys, box cutter, and Merican Hammer.

COT was supposed to be Dean’s role but I was so excited leading that I took over. Prayers for No Comprende and cataract surgery and Sludge led us out in a plank prayer.

My pleasure to guide.