BackBlast: Northern Aggression SE: A Monet VQ


Dr. Evil, Wham-O!, Red Hot, Sprinkler, Beaker, Hand Bells, Tarde, Kay, Special (Asst. Q), Monet (QIC)

As Monet was rallying the troops and we were waiting on Boone’s Farm at 5:29, Dr. Evil noticed and offered the gloveless Monet a set of Evil’s gloves.

The exchange:

Evil “Dude, you need gloves?”

Monet “Good question, I don’t know, I don’t know what we are doing if we need them” (as he holds the Q sheet) It should be noted that YHC produced “The Thang” for Monet

Evil proceeds to give him a set of gloves, which was more awkward than watching OJ trying to put on his gloves. “If they don’t fit……”

With a spotless disclaimer and a golf clap from the PAX, Monet was now off on the right foot for his VQ (that is virgin Q in F3 language Monet)

Monet was aptly named “Monet” for his painting business, but for YHC, it fits in other ways. (Here is the history lesson CrawDaddy)

The real Monet created the Impressionist movement in art in 1874 with his painting “Impression, soleil levant (Sunrise)”

Our own Monet has certainly left an “Impression” as a newer PAX that has continued to come out to most of the workouts since starting back in July. TCLAPs for your persistent Posting Monet!

With a short Mosey to the bank tubes Warmarama consisted of:


Abe Vigodas

Seam Rippers

Sungods both directions

Alternating Side Squat

Two things should be noted about this Warmarama.

  1. Alternating Side Squats are the new exercise for a cool September gloom. The PAX enjoyed and one was heard “It took Checkbook 4 years to invent an exercise and Monet is doing it on his VQ”
  2. It doesn’t do for Sprinkler to show up for someone’s VQ, especially when they counted as well as Monet. You had time to catch the other group Sprinkler, and avoid the grief, but we enjoyed giving it to you

With Warmarama in the books, we moseyed to Harmon Park


(History lesson #2 CrawDaddy)… Crucial to the art of the Impressionist painters was the understanding of the effects of light on their objects.

Harmon Park was lit with 3 lights on 3 papers, one at the shelter, one at the open picnic table at the bottom of the hill and a third at a tree at the top of the hill.

The speedsters were assigned #1s (Kay, Evil, and Wham-O!)

Beaker, Sprinkler, Hand Bells, and Tarde were #2s

Red Hot, Monet, and YHC were #3s.

The rotation looked like this:

PavilionBottom of HillTop of Hill
20 DECLINE SHOULDER TAPS40 LBCs15 Monkey Humpers
10 BOX JUMPS40 Plank Jacks10 Bobby Hurleys
25 PETER PARKER DERKINS20 WWIIs15 Copperhead Squats
20 STEP UPS 10 each leg40 Freddy Mercurys10 Lt. Dans
25 IRKINS10 Crunchy Frogs40 High knees
25 DIPS100 count Elbow Plank30 Gorilla Squats
25 REVERSE LBCs15 Diamond Merkins30 Thigh Masters each leg
20 PLERKINS Plank Jack Merkin15 Crab Cakes20 Lunges each leg
25 ROCKY BALBOAS15 Groiners20 Reverse Lunges each leg
25 CAROLINA DRY DOCKS15 Ranger Merkins15 Wide Merkins
25 CURB BANGERS25 SSHs10 Prisoner Get Ups

The speedsters got to the last row before Omaha was called.

Dr. Evil looking at the sheet and seeing that it was Curb Bangers, “If it was Burpees I would continue and do them, but I’ll stop at Curb Bangers”

Who thinks like that??

Mosey back to the bank tubes for Mary

Freddy Mercury’s




Prayers for Evil’s neighbor Chuck for losing his wife recently to Covid

Prayers for PAX members going through tough times

Prayers for our officers and protectors

Tarde led us out

My M took this picture at Monet’s house in Giverny, France

YHC, Special

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