Backblast – School Six 9/14/20

11 Pax and one Q signed up; 12 Pax and one Q showed up for what was a soupy workout. Planning to use the “school six” committee approved Special Ed’s use of the ampitheater for his extended Bus Benches AO. We began by moseying up to Mountain St and back for warmorama. Gilmore, while trying to drink the soupy air, inadvertently sucked down some protein. Fortunately, this GIF is a little more tame than actual events.

PAX: Dean, Q-Bert, Chipper, Sprinkler, Red Hot, Crankbait, Water Wings, Monet, Blue Hen, Gilmore, Mall Cop, Crawdaddy, and YHC.

Once assured that Gilmore could continue, we continued with warmorama.
From there we moseyed to the school six for the thang.

Seven cones were evenly distanced across the parking lot. Each cone represented a rep station.
Cone 1 = 1 rep
Cone 2 = 2 reps
Cone 3 = 3 reps
Cone 4 = 4 reps
Cone 5 = 3 reps
Cone 6 = 2 reps
Cone 7 = 1 rep

Pax would perform these exercises one at a time and after the 7th cone return to start and perform the next exercise, and so on. When the list is finished, rinse and repeat. I believe that Gilmore was the only one to complete the list twice and begin the first exercise for the third time. The exercises were;
Thigh Master
Mt. Climber (IC)
Carolina Dry Docks
180 Jump Squats
Hand Release Merkin
Bobby Hurley
Shoulder Tap (IC)
Star Jumps

Mary was enjoyed by all. She presented the following
Cindy Crawfords

Prayers – West coast residents and fire fighters dealing with all the forest fires. Mall Cop’s father in law.
Praises – My brother is still in rehab.

Sprinkler led us out.

Always a good time.