Backblast – Pain in the Park – Saturday – 9/12/2020 – “Recycled ab Q” – a Crawdaddy drama

Pax: Checkbook, Special, Duvet, Pacer, Qbert, Handbells, Monet, Tarde, Granny Panty, Lucky Charms, Kay, Madoff, Sludge, Epstein, Mulligan, Chipper, Crawdaddy

QIC: Crawdaddy

17 Pax braved the minor Noreaster to enjoy some 100% humidity and find out just how Special gets his abs so “ab’y”. There was light mumble chatter in the air as the QIC put on his war face and moved out the herd with a 1/16th disclaimer.


10x Side straddle Hops, Chinooks, Helicopters, Hurdler Stretch, Back and hammy stretch, Sun Gods, Frankensteins.


Bringing forth the Checkbook, he (in a Florida’esq fashion) gave a textbook example of the famous Ab Roll. This would be the starting point for each round – Cindy’s left, Pretzel Crunches left, LBC’s, Pretzle right, Cindy Right – at designated single count.

Chipper musing that there is clearly an easier way to get Abs.

Partner up – Partner 1 goes in the caged lot and does excersise 1 waiting on partner 2 to return. Whwn both finish travel to the BBcourt to wait on 6.

Cage Traveler

Round 1 Rocky Balboas Culd de sac for 4 4×4’s

Ab Roll – 10 count

Round 2 (2x) Burpees Suicides (full Court)

Ab Roll – 10 count

Round 3 WW1’s Run to Dog park and back

Ab Roll – 10 count

Round 4 (2x) Wall Sits 10 Prisoner Get ups

Ab Roll – bumpt to 20 reps per Checkbook’s request

A look into Checkbook’s Sunday

Round 5 (2x) Imperial Walkers 10 Lt. Dans

Ab Roll – 20 Reps

Round 6 (bonus Round) – repeat round 1

Upon return to center Pacer had to complain so the rep count got bumped to 30

Ab Roll – 30 Reps

There was a fence in the AO the whole time, and no one used it??


10x Jellyfish, Low Slow Flutters, Reverse LBCs – at which point Checkbook spoke up and thought he felt an ab.. we needed to make sure Homer and Marge with Mr. Burns at an angle left and right.. 19 American Hammers


Whamo – on self quarantine – stay vigilaint on possible symptoms. Mulligan’s brother John continues to improve. Discussion on group size, look for details on slack.

Duvet prayed us out.

Long, good rewarding week – Always a pleasure Gents

Crawdaddy out.