Backblast 9/11/20 for Skate Rats


  • Lap through 4th of July Park
  • Met up with school six pax at flagpole, where Crawdaddy led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Thang.

Part 1. Twin towers.

  • Shelter 2: Derkins, step ups, irkins, 20 each
  • Shelter 3: Derkins, step ups, irkins, 20 each
  • Side note: it was pretty cool to hear pax recall where they were when 9/11/01 happened… Crowded around TVs. At home. At work. Seeing the major news websites slow to a crawl. In disbelief.

Part 2. The Pentagon.

  • Parking lot near Bodenhamer. 
  • Partner up and work clockwise through five stations arranged in the shape of a pentagon.
    • hand release merkins x15, lunge to next.
    • Side plank push ups x10 ea. side, bear crawl to next.
    • Crab cakes x20IC, lunge to next.
    • Monkey humpers x20IC, bear crawl to next.
    • LBCs x20IC, traveling Lt. Dan’s to next.

Part 3. Flight 93

  • Inchworm around the first responders circle

Part 4. Then pairs of Pax picked their own poison, repeating either the Twin Towers or Pentagon until time ran out.

Along the way, we recalled the timing of major events from 9/11/01


  • LBCs x20IC
  • Cindy C x15IC left and x15IC right
  • Nolan Ryan x10IC left and x10 right
  • AH x20IC


  • COR 11 with the Q
  • NOR Deliverance, Blue Hen, Monet, Duvet, Special, Handbells, Water Wings, Far Side, Kay, Flounder, Tardy (QIC)
  • Prayer concerns. Pray for family of “Polo” (F3 Pax in Greensboro) b/c several of his family members have Covid-19 and father passed away last night.  Far sides brother’s girlfriend’s mom (Betty) is on a ventilator and struggling to fight Covid-19, Flounder’s co-worker (Robbie Putnam) passed away at age 36 and leaves behind wife and young kids, Handbells daughter Alexandra born with hearing loss on one side and will have testing today to further evaluate.
  • Duvet led us out in prayer. Amen brother.
  • 22 Merkins for the troops

Always an honor and always right on time, Tardy