With a fall like feeling in the air, a 6:30am start time on Labor Day, and an FNG it was all set up for a epic time.

Pax: Gilmore, Special, Lucky, Whamo, Checkbook, Bidet ,Blue Hen, Jeff Katowitz (FNG) Sludge QIC

After the mission statement was given we took off for a short mosey around the park. For some reason Checkbook was sitting in his car. He finally showed up during Chinooks!!!

WAR: Deans, Hillbillies, Sun Gods, Chinooks, and back stretches

Lucky doing stretches this morning

There were three stations set up we started at station one and we did the 1st exercise off sheet and then traveled to station 2 did the 1st exercise and then traveled to station 3 and did the 1 st exercise and the repeato. See stations below.

Station 1 All exercises were QTY 15 IC

Decline Shoulder Taps

Step ups to the table top an squat at the top

Decline Peter Parkers

Decline Parker Peters

Mountain Climbers

Station 2 All exercises were QTY 15

Worst Merkin Ever

Dips, Dirkins, Irkins

Thigh Maters (each leg)


Monkey Humpers

Station # All exercises were QTY 15 IC

Pretzel Crunches each side

Cindy Crawfords each side


Crab Cakes

American Hammers

T-Claps to Whamo and Gilmore for lapping the field

6 Minutes of Mary



Camel Toes (since Checkbook had been sassy all morning)

American Hammers (Right before we began, Lucky made the statement: he was in the Check Book exercise position playing with his watch so he does not have to do american hammers)

Check Book every time when side straddle hops are called!!!!

COT: Teachers, Students, Mulligan and his family, Pat from MSUM church was missing with a silver alert (she was found this afternoon).

Naming of the FNG Jeff Katowitz. Jeff is a neighbor of mine who I have asked for years. He has had a couple of back surgeries so he had some good reasons. I would like to thank Checkbook, Boones, and Lucky as Jeff played disc golf with us Sunday morning. We talked about the workout today and the early time scared him. So Checkbook and I agreed if I Q’ed and we made it at 6:30am he would come. So we did and he posted. He has 3 boys and his M goes with my M to FIA (so he was getting EHed from home as well). He went to ASU and is a Graphic/Website designer and one of his biggest customer is Hanes Brands. So we locked in on the under wear side of the business. Tighty-Whities was thrown out there, Underoos was running strong and then Blue Hen hit the ball out of the park with Granny Panties!!!!

Welcome Granny Panties

Check Book led us out. Then we did 22 for the VET’s

“The days that break you are the days that make you”