Backblast: Flashbang Friday, Yardbirds Edition, Field of [blank]

Twelve loyal pax gathered in the gloom to experience the freshly mowed, wet grass that is the front lawn of Kernersville Elementary School.

Pax: Elaine, Epstein, Bidet, Madoff, Sludge, Sprinkler, Boone’s Farm, Wham-O, Kay, Change Order, Flounder, Dr. Evil (QIC)

After a brief Warmarama of this:

  • SSH’s, 10IC
  • Sungods, SS, 10IC, reverso
  • Dean Vigodas, 10 IC
  • Seam Rippers, 10 IC, clapping optional

Out to the Field, illuminated nicely complete with exercise sheets. Run to middle of field, do 1 set of the exercise, run to opposite side, do two sets, middle again for three sets up to ten sets. Go to next exercise.

  • Merkins x 2
  • Prisoner Get ups
  • Burpees
  • WWI’s x 2
  • Carolina Dry Docks x 2
  • Monkey Humpers x 4
  • Hand Release Merkins x 2
  • Lt Dans

Wham-O literally carried a conversation the entire time. Somehow Change Order was able to respond sporadically. Sprinkler reminisced when Kay merloted when we had to roll in the grass during a workout, but Kay was too smart and moved mostly to the sidewalk by the road. Because of the shoulder centric nature of the workout Sludge went for a run to Kerner’s Folly (#props). It was too dark to see much, but the pax was soaked. A couple of the pax made it through monkey humpers. What a great Saturday workout this would make!


  • American Hammers, 20 IC

Boone’s Farm noted that these were more challenging with wet shoes that added about ten pounds per foot.


  • Prayers for Mulligan’s brother, John, and their family
  • Praise for Sprinkler’s M-in-law, clear of cancer and better memory
  • Change Order and Shear Conn, Farmer’s Market
  • Sludge led us out

Always an honor,

I hope you got enough.

Dr. Evil