Backblast – Bus Benches

14 Pax joined this morning for a cardio-back-leg beat down.

WOR: SSH, Abe Vigoda, Imperial Walker, Lucky Stretches

The thang: 5-10-15-10-5 reps (+ 5 for finishing early. Gilmore, any others?)

5 inverted rows at ramp rails – Run up steps to benches for 5 box jumps (Or 5 step-ups each leg), run to gate for (1) Ironman Burpee (Burpee with an Ironman pose at the bottom), run to monkey bars for 5 pullups, run around track to gate for (1) Ironman burpee. Back to ramp rails for Rinse &Repeat with 10 reps, and so on.

Mary: WWIIs, Crawfords

Prayer concerns: Mulligan going to pick up his brother-in-law for treatment, Gilmore friend passing at early age with Lou Gehrigs, Red Hot’s uncle passed away with Alzheimers at an early age.

Praises: Crankbait moving back in house in 6 weeks, Checkbook and family clear of Covid. Checkbook complete with his 14 day quarantine.

Please reply for any concerns that I didn’t record. (I know there’s one I missed.)

Gilmore took us out.

22 for our military + 5 for Mulligan.

Thanks for letting me lead.

Shear Conn out. See you by “International Skeptics Day”. (Or maybe not. I’m not quite sure)