Northern Aggression Backblast 9/2/20

With the full disclaimer given in the preblast, YHC had full expectations that his fellow pax would atleast wear some black…you know casing a bank and all. Even Hillary knows how to hide people…

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Looking at @sprinkler, @deliverance, and @blue-hen who decided to dress in the brightest yellow shirt posible
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@deliverance politely refusing YHC to cut off his hurt leg- Im not called Slice n Dice for nothing you know.

After being given our handy dandy light bracelets from @dr-evil and an amazingly perfect disclaimer (atleast in my head it sounded perfect) we moseyed to the bank drive-through for war:


Seam Rippers


Dean Bigodas

The pax trustingly followed YHC to what would ALL later be blamed on @sprinkler.

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We moseyed to the first of the banks we were scouting. Making sure we were caught on camera YHC ordered a cash withdraw of monkey humpers making sure to find the cameras and incoming drivers.

We continued to mosey between banks on Mountain St ensuring we left our better sides on camera. Again making sure @sprinkler was front and center. All the while perfectly performing other exercises, with perfect in cadence counting…

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With the sudden need for a biscuit we stopped at Mrs winners drivethrough window for another round of Monkey humpers.

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the look on the drivethrough cashier at Mrs Winners
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@Redhot realizing we werent stopping for biscuits

There was a total of 5 banks on mountain st each with their own set of prison ready exercises. Making sure we had monkey humpers at each one

WE then mosey to “the Hill” aka the hill of squished pax members, aka the life sized frogger hill aka the hill of wanting to be carried up because it sucks aka the hill I truly hope we never get hit on!

When we finally reach “NA Hilleverest” we took a quick breather. YHC had the plan to continue on the next bank but let me remind you that Dr Evil is justly nicknamed.

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only ever said by @dr-evil and the joker

In the true spirit of improv, thanks to the master @dean, we ran down Hilleverest and up again for another sucky climb

Scouting yet another bank on the corner of main st and harmon we banged out some more monkey humpers…

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we finally headed to the bank we can call home at Northern Aggression with a final invasion of @fffkay’s Q. With the cameras ready and an audience for the taking we circled around the smaller group and performed a final set of monkey humpers.

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enough said!

Getting close to time but still with a few minutes we lined up on the drivethrough line to finish with 2 sets of frogger style squats

Mary consisted of


some sort of S n D version of rosalita whips- @epstein would probally be disapointed


Prayers: @ngcurrie brother, all the parents who are now also teachers and tryingto balance work, @crankbait family -house and son had covid, @elaine 6 month old violet and her helmet to reduce her hematomas.

YHC led out in prayer and then we finished with 22 for the veterans

Nice job fellows glad @hook-em, @man-hands and all the other PD werent on duty. We might have had to run faster- remember it was all @sprinkler fault and idea!!

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An honor to lead

Slice n Dice