8/31/2020 – BackBlast – Skate Rats

Eight brave pax joined YHC for a fourth anniversary jaunt around the friendly confines of Fourth of July park – Elaine, Tardy (one minute early), Slice n Dice (four minutes late), Dean, Q*Bert, Monet, Madoff and Water Wings.

After a mangled mission statement and disclaimer we moseyed to circle for:

ssh x 20
Dean vigoda x 10
Seam Rippers x 10. Hillbillies x 20 Stretch while giving shelter instructions.

(Do one set of three exercises, then mosey to next shelter. All reps x 15)

Shelter 1 (changed to playground)
1)Step-ups, dips and crunchy frogs ic
2)Monkey humpers ic, hand release Merkin and crab cakes ic
3) Frankenstein ic, Flo Rida squats and Freddy Mercury ic

Shelter 2
1)Bobby h, derkins and lsf ic
2)Smurf Jack ic, cdd and Nolan Ryan ic
3)Imperial squat walkers, Makhtar N’Diayes and reverse crunch ic

Shelter 3
1)Copperhead squat, merkins and box cutter ic
2)Prisoner getup, alt shoulder taps ic and dying cockroach ic (after this set the pax insisted on some Ricky Balboa’s in Elaine’s honor
3) Chinook squats ic, mountain climbers ic and Dolly ic

Moseyed back for Mary, calling out the tardy Slice n Dice and sending him to retrieve playground weinke)

Lbc x 15
Cindy x 12/side
AH x 20

Tardy led us out with prayers for Q*Bert’s new job and my family following my mother-in-law’s death. Then 22 for the vets.

Thanks for letting me lead my annual Q. I hope you got enough.