Back Blast Yard Birds 8/28/2020


Monet, Blue Hen, Kay, Epstein, Q*Bert, Lucky Charms, Deliverance, Special (QIC)

How do you make a mess of a Q you may wonder during a pandemic? Sign up to Q Yard Birds but park at the School Six designation is enough to get a few PAX traveling the school to find their Q.

We moseyed to the base of the hill for:

Abe Dean Vigodas

Then we found all of our PAX and continued with:

Seam Rippers


Sun Gods

The Thang:

A simple 3 station rotation (in the words of Dr. Evil, Simple right?) with exercises in the parking lot, top of the hill and then at the amphitheater. Travel in groups at your own pace. Watch out for mounds of grass as you mosey. It looked something like this:

Parking LotTop of HillBenches
40 LBCs15 Monkey Humpers20 Erkin SHOULDER TAPS
40 Plank Jacks10 Bobby Hurleys10 BOX JUMPS
20 WWIIs15 Copperhead Squats15 PETER PARKER DERKINS
40 Freddy Mercurys10 Lt. Dans25 Erkins
10 Crunchy Frogs40 High knees10 STEP UPS each leg
100 count Plank30 Gorilla Squats25 DIPS
15 Diamond Merkins30 Thigh Masters each leg25 REVERSE LBCs
15 Crab Cakes20 Lunges each leg25 IRKINS
15 Groiners20 Reverse Lunges each leg25 ROCKY BALBOAS
15 Ranger Merkins15 Wide Merkins15 CAROLINA DRY DOCKS
25 SSHs10 Prisoner Get Ups25 Himalayan Humpers

YHC’s group made it through 8 stations. Kay and Blue Hen at least got to 9, not sure on the 3rd group. Good work everyone pushing themselves as needed.

The humidity was as thick as the grass clippings.




Praise for Epstein’s birthday, Q*Bert starts a new job Monday

Prayers for an employee with a back issue in a confined space that works with Lucky, Sludge, Special and Whamo!

Prayers for moms and dads, students and parents stressing out over remote learning

Blue Hen took us out.