Poison Ivey bb Aug 26, I think I can..I think I can..I think I can..be on time…

11 PAX posted to see if the Q would be on time or if his trusty new alarm clock ($13.99 + tax from Waldo world) would fail him..

PAX..Duvet, Mulligan, Tardy, Q’bert (sp?), Sludge, Lucky Charms, Dr. Evil, Epstein, Special, Dean, Crawdaddy and Gilmore (Q)

Warm up at top of entrance to soccer fields, SSH, Dean’s, Seam Rips, Sun gods

Phase 1 – running of the lights..run to Shields Road, at first light pole do 1 Bobby Hurley, add 1 BH at each pole, last pole = 19 BH’s…now run back to start point, at first pole do 1 merkin, add 1 merkin at each pole…Omaha called at approx 10th pole…mosey to east end of main parking lot..

Phase 2 – Suicide Burpees..run to first line do 2 burpees, run back to starting point, run to next line do 4 burpees, and so on and so forth..last line was worth 14 burpees..GREAT JOB by all to finish (especially Evil who set a torrid pace)

Phase 3 – (time filler)..pax split up, half went to concession stand, half went to opposite corner (PTFC offices)..10 step ups each leg and 10 irkins at concession stand..run to PTFC offices for 10 dips/10 dirkins..1 round

MARY – 15 Pretzel crunches each side, 15 Cindy’s each side, 20 LBCs and 20 Hammers

announcements – moving Red Hot’s dad this Saturday

joys/concerns – coworker of Dr. Evil passed, Flaming Hot graduates from Basic Training Friday (Aug 28), Mulligan’s brother and all those suffering from an addiction, young lady who lost her dad, thankful most of our group is healthy and able to workout

Thank you for the privilege of leading, Gilmore