BackBlast – Northern Aggression SE– 8/26/2020

12 PAX (@Blue Hen, @Slice n Dice, @Beaker, @Whamo,@Bidet,@Pacer,@Change Order, @Monet, @RedHot, @Madoff, @Kay and YHC Flounder) posted for a beat down of a little over 1.5 mile stroll around a couple of blocks of the scenic downtown Kernersville. During our stroll the PAX came upon one lonely PAX @Checkbook were the PAX greeted him with Monkey Humpers to let him know how much we miss him and he reciprocated the love. Hope to have you back soon.

Warmaroma: (Fidelity Bank Parking Lot)

  • Seal Jacks
  • Abe Vigoda’s
  • Sean rippers
  • Imperial Squats (Lead by the inventor @Checkbook)
  • Chinooks 

Thang 105x4x2 – 6 stations approximately .1 of mile apart. Do 4 exercises starting with 5 reps each and increased by 5 at each station to max of 30 reps each for a total of 105 reps of each exercise.

PAX Split into two ground and started at different corners to maintain our Social Distancing. Thanks @Kay for taking the lead of the other group.

1st circuit- Carolina Dry Docks / LBC’s (ic) / Crab cakes (ic) / Thigh Masters (ea leg)

2nd Circuit – Merkin’s / Monkey Humpers (ic) / Pretzel Crunch’s (ea side) / Mountain Climbers (ic)

Mary (First Citizens Bank Parking Lot)

  • Box Cutters
  • American Hammers

Pray Concerns:

  • @Kay and all the other parents trying to juggle work and kids learning remote from home
  • Teachers & Kids trying to handle the new normal for schools
  • All thoughts that been laid off and looking for work during this pandemic.

@Slice N Dice lead us out.

Hope you got enough!