BackBlast – Bus Benches

11 Pax and No Q defied fart sack and showed up for what was supposed to be a Burpee filled train whistling Gilmore style beat down. YHC took a phone call to the bullpen at 5:28 am informing that YHC was now the Q as the light of the ISS did not shine in on Gilmore nor did his alarm wake him.

Seeing as how YHC still had the Weinke’s from a previous Bus Bench marathon securely folded and filed away in the car, the Pax was about to get hit with an 8 point Font in pitch darkness.

After YHC announced Q intentions, Dean broke out in hives at the mere thought that he wasn’t allowed the opportunity to steal a Q, much less pick up a Q less Pax. With the sight of not 1 detailed Weinke, but actually 7 of them, one for each bench with differing traveling methods, the improv Dean hyperventilated and had to seek shelter under the street lamp to regain any spotlight the world would bestow on him. Your day will surely come again Dean, no worries.

Warm A Rama

15 SSHs

10 count slow Dean Vigodas

10 count Seam Rippers

15 count Mountain Climbers

15 count Sun gods

With 7 sheets and 11 Pax, we broke for any light to read said Weinke:

7 variations of the following exercises and then travel

20 SHOULDER TAPSRun to Mountain St
25 BOX JUMPSRun to Nelson St back through parking lot
25 LBCsRun to Football Fence
20 STEP UPSRun to Handrail, down and around
25 DIPSRun a Lap at the Track
25 REVERSE LBCsRun to 50 YD Line
25 IRKINSRun to Gate at Track
25 ROCKY BALBOASRun Hill behind benches
25 CAROLINA DRY DOCKSRun to near Goal Post
25 CURB BANGERSRun to far Goal Post

It was duly noted that 25 Box Jumps is highly aggressive Kay, and this number will be revised for the next emergency Q.

It will most assuredly be noted in other comments throughout today that Gilmore had the Q and slept in, but it should be noted that he took his punishment and showed up in what Tardy can only describe as perfect timing.

With some Pax tiring of the persistent beat down that the spreadsheet can give, CrawDaddy called for an extended Mary.

YHC was relieved of command at this point and will leave the Mary, CoT and Name A Rama to Gilmore.

It should be noted that Gilmore promised burpees and YHC turned 44 yesterday and no burpees were attempted in today’s workout, so a small victory for a burpee free morning in the gloom.

YHC, Special