Backblast – Saturday Bus Benches by Fudd

The gathering started out with comments that the morning felt like a wet nap! Yes , It was humid but spirits were high…at least for a little while.

The PAX started with a good sized mozey to the front of the school and back and then Warm-o-rama began consisting of:

(15) Side Straddle Hops

(10) Sun Gods Forward

(10) Sun Gods Backward

(15) Hillbillies

(15) Frankensteins

After that the PAX headed to the track with mons and groans and questions of a second Murph for the week. The thang was:

Station #1 – Track (Partner Up)One Guy Runs, other Exercises

Round #1       (10) Prisoner get-ups, (20) Hand Release Merkins

Round #2       (5) Burpes, (10) Lt Dans, (20) Mountain Climbers

Round #3       (5) Pull-ups, (10) Merkins, (20) Squats

Round #4       (5) Turkish Get-ups, (10) Barishnikov’s, (20) Thigh Masters

Then Sludge chose Round #2 to repeat! (What a major league A-hole! lol)

The pax then move to the Bus Benches and started:

Station #2 – Bus BenchesKeep Partner

#1        Guy#1 (10) Step-ups each leg

Guy #2 Monkey Humpers, switch

#2       Guy #1 (20) Bench Jump-overs

Guy #2 Hold Plank, switch

#3         Guy #1 (30) Dips

Guy #2 Mountain Climbers, switch

#4         Guy #1 (10) Big Boy Sit-ups

Guy #2 WW1s

Ended up repeating each round because the Qs lack of understanding time to exercise ratio!

Pax them began an extended time with Mary!

(10) Cindy’s each side

(20) Freddie Mercury’s

 (20) LBCs

 (2) Rounds of Superman (Hookem was so grateful!)

(15) Camel Toes

(20) American Hammers

Pax in Attendance: Duvet, Hookem, Sludge, Slice & Dice, Pacer, Madoff, Boones Farm, Epstein, Checkbook, Q-Bert

No Prayer request mentioned, Praise for my surgery and breathing better!

Sludge prayed us out!

Always an honor to lead this amazing group of men!