Backblast – Poison Ivey -8/19/20 “A pledge pin on your uniform” – a Crawdaddy debacle

Pax – Epstein, Broadside, Lucky Charms, Mulligan, Fudd, Duvet, Dean, Whamo, Gilmore, Sludge, Bambi and Crawdaddy

11 hopeful pledges fell into line before Brother Crawdaddy to run the gauntlet of hell week and see if they were truly worthy of the most pointless thing on Earth… joining a Fraternity. All knowing full well that that were on double secret probation, the disclaimer was skipped and a mosey was proposed. The energy was palpable.

The QIC showing his leadership

Mosey lead to WAR with the theme of “drop and give me 20” to follow the entire Q

20 – Side Straddle Hops, Abe Vigotas, Hurdler Stretch, Frankensteins and Chinooks

With the DJ booth started and disclaimed regarding Loretta Lynn stated we moved to the first location on campus”


The road hill (Study Hall)

2 Groups one at the bottom, one at the top. 5 burpees at each, rotate until each pledge had completed 20

Brother Gilmore can’t believe he gets to do burpees.

Shelter (ROTC stables)

Group 1 does a lap around the island and down stairs while group 2 starts excercise – switch. 3 rounds

Round 1 – 20 Durkins Round 2 – 20 Erkins Round 3 20 Merkins

At this point Pledge Whamo chose to bring attention to himself by stating his hatered of the Isley Brothers and Brother Mulligans dance moves to Shout. This would not bode well for brother Whamo

Benches (Dining Hall)

10 Step Ups each leg then hit the pavement for low Slow flutters. As the majority of pledge brothers were not able to follow directions the whole class paid the price with 20 Barishnikovs.

Brother Dean dreaming of stealing the Q

Suicide lines (Frat House)

Start Line 10 Carolina Dry Docks – each suicide line 20 LBCs

Brothers Whamo, Broadside and Gilmore showed that they they though they were better than the group by showing effort and finishing first. A such they were instructed to round an island do 10 SSH and proclaim thier love of the QIC. It went as well as expected.. as such the whole group paid with Merkins.

QIC gently explaining to Brother Whamo the importance of teamwork


Marge and Homer – Mulligan messed up the count – so 20 Merkins


Jellyfish – Dean messed that up – so 20 Merkins


Whamo called for Hammer Time – he counted 10.. was supposed to be 20.

Lucky Charms concerned about Mary spiraling out of control

Prayers and Praises

Lucky’s friend Ryan, The Twisdale Family, Mulligan’s Brother and family, Praise for Fudd’s surgery

Gilmore lead us out…

Always a pleasure Gents – Pledgemaster Crawdaddy