Backblast: Feats of Strength – 8/17/20

10 hearty PAX @tarde @duvet @Mulligan @hook-em @flounder @madoff @epstein @dr-evil @deliverance @Checkbook joined QIC for an epic Monday motivational beatdown to get the week started on the right foot.

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PAX showing up for FOS

After a 4 month hiatus from Q-ing, QIC was able to deliver an impeccable mission statement and disclaimer. Followed by a short mosey around the playground and tennis courts for pro stretching WOR.

WOR: Dean Vigodas, Seam Rippers, Hurdlers Stretch, Crowd Pleasers, QIC stretch

Thang: 2 rounds 3 exercises each, 4 groups Chest, Legs, Arms, Shoulders followed by gassers after each round

Chest: Bridge Press, Flys, Bent Arm Pullover

Legs: Split squat, goblet squat, lunge

Arms: Skull crushers, ISO, bicep destroyers

Shoulders: Bent over row, Arnold press, Lat raises

Mary: WWI, Hammers

COT: 1st day of school – prayers for kids, teachers and parents, @Fudd surgery, Dr. Evil’s neighbor Chuck, Mulligan’s brother John

Tarde led us out

An honor to serve, Bambi