Backblast: traveling

Skate rats 8/14/2020

YHC arrived to find a lively crowd, with the mumble chatter already going strong.

After my flawed welcome and disclaimer, we proceeded…


  • SSH x10IC
  • Merkins x5 OYO
  • Don Quixotes x10IC 
  • TTT x10IC
  • Merkins x5 OYO
  • Nancy Kerrigans x10IC fwd x10IC rev
  • Merkins x5 OYO

During WAR, I warned Pax that this would be the last bathroom break for a while, b/c we were going to mosey. Like any well prepared Q, I checked to see if Gilmore was in the Pax.

Seemed like the Nancy Kerrigans were a challenge this morning. Very entertaining.

The Thang: Traveling

25 dips at outdoor classroom

25 derkins at shelter

Left the park, turn right heading up Bodenhamer.

PAX had mixed reactions to leaving the park

Train tracks – 26 monkey humpers (13ic)

Monkey jumpers at the train tracks just sealed the deal.

Parking lot of crisis control – crab walk

Crab Easy

Parking lot of printing co. – bear crawl, then 25 mountain climbers

Bear Easy

Parking lot in front of auto shop – copperhead squats x25IC


My Gur cemetary entrance- 1 minute silent plank, in honor of Perry Davis, veteran of Korea and Vietnam. He is to be laid to rest in TX veterans cemetery later today.  Has been a strong influence on my life.

Perry Davis = H.I.M.

Front of fire station – Goofballs x25IC

(note: this was the only Improv moment. Thanks for the suggestion Fortran)


Turn right onto Nelson street – Burpee at each light pole

There’s even a shirt for the occasion

Benches – 1 minute of step ups

Some Pax claimed it was a long minute

School six bus lot – 5 Merkins

Guardrail – 25 dips

Dean had a brief Cameo



  • Nolan Ryan x25IC
  • Low slow flutters x20IC
  • LBCs x25IC
  • Slow AH x25IC

22 merkins for the troops


  • Count-o-rama: 12 with the Q
  • Name-o-rama: Bambi, Florida, No Comprende, Fortran, Duvet, Water Wings, Blue Hen, Monet, Deliverance, Qbert, Farside, and Tardy (QIC)
  • Prayer concerns and announcements: Fortran’s mother in law, Far side’s mother, Qbert’s co-worker, No Comprende’s aunt, teachers working hard on online learning. I believe there were more prayer concerns, but I failed to properly record a phone video. 
  • Duvet led us out, with a truly thoughtful prayer, as might be expected for a HIM who mentors a church youth group.

Always an honor to work, laugh, and pray with this group. Always right on time, Tarde

Not me.