August 10, 2020 – Bus Benches. Pay the Toll

10 well-hydrated pax began the work week by dropping some water weight In The steamy Gloom.

Mulligan, Crankbait, Sprinkler, Water Wings, Wham-O, Monet, Bidet, Blue Hen, FNG Jamey, and FloRida (QIC).

Rolling Warmarama:
Side Straddle Hops – 15 IC, then mosey to the office front lot for
Seam Rippers 12 IC and Dean Vigodas, 12 IC, then mosey up Nelson St to the office back lot for Chinooks, 10 IC, and Sungods, 10 IC both directions.

The Thang:
After collecting coupons, the pax subdivided into four , er… three groups, from which individual pax were extracted to assemble a fourth. With the proper team line-ups, the roles were assigned.

Group 1 – at the benches for Box Jumps. Continuous until relieved.
Group 2 at the Football field for 4x4s (four merkins + four mountain climbers. Repeat continuously until relieved)
Group 3 at the railing for Inverted Rows. Continuous until relieved.
Group 4 served as the pace car, beginning with 5 burpees to allow time for Gr 1-3 to reach their positions.
Group 4 relieved Group 1, which relieved Group 2, which relieved Group 3, with each traveling group stopping to pay a one burpee toll in the center of the parking lot. Carry the coupon everywhere.

Round 2 – same setup. Exercises were:
Benches: Side Lunge Step Ups
Football field: Worst Merkins Ever
Railing: Moon Gods. Alternate Legs 10 IC

Round 3 – same setup. Exercises were:
Benches: Dips
Football field: Monkey Humpers
Railing: WWI situps.

Six Minutes of Mary
Box Cutters – 15 IC
LBCs– 15 IC
American Hammers – 15 IC

FNG Jamey, hosted by Bidet, tried to maintain a low profile throughout in hopes of achieving a neutral name, but let slip his affiliation with Zaxby’s, on which the Pax pounced. Colonel Sanders was going once, going twice, until Red Hot threw down the winning card with POPEYE. Welcome, Popeye!

HIM Mulligan returned from a tough trip to handle a difficult family situation. Respect for his strength and love, and prayers for his family. Also prayers for Wham-O’s son (age 2) recovering from a broken arm, and Crankbait’s friend David still struggling with addiction.

Always a joy to participate, an honor to belong, and a privilege to lead.