Backblast – Poison Ivey -8/5/20 – Dark side of the Gloom – Recovery Q .. a Crawdaddy concept album


Pax: Lucky Charms, Duvet, Sludge, Broadside, Shearcon, Hookem, Crankbait and Crawdaddy

QIC: Crawdaddy

8 weary Pax in search of finding center and fleeing the persecution of the jealous masses around town gathered to stretch their tendons, spirits and expand their minds…. well not Bambi.. He slept in.

WAR – Slow and methodical

Chinooks, Windmills, 3ct Abes, Full length stretch stomach and back, Hurdler with leg in and back, Butterfly, Back twists and full breath knee to chest.

The Thang:

4 corner slowsy with varied 3 count cotton pickers at each corner (known as Lap)


Rowing station where couples paired to have one partner being slow pulled up to situp position while standing partner raised and lowered them.  Focus on stretching shoulder and arms.  Other pax did slow 10 count Downward facing dog and cobra rise up.  Teams then switched.



Supermans, Homer and Marge with core focus, Feet over the top to try to hit pavement, hands inverted Cobra rise, Full breath in butterfly 10 count – 5 Hammers

Prayers:  Mulligan and his family, Farsides son and family, Parents and students heading to school.

Crankbait led us out.

Always a pleasure Gents – Crawdaddy