Flash Bang Friday School Six Q’ed from Command Q Central

Do as I instruct and not what I am doing

Pax: Tardy, Wham-O, Bidet, Madoff, Bambi, Gilmore, Flounder, Checkbook, Monet, Special, Epstein and the Q(Sludge)

Honorable Mention goes out to HandBells. H3-4e was signed up but Baby number 2 is thinking about making an early appearance into the world. You and your family are in our prayers.

So fresh off from Shoulder Surgery and strict orders (no physical activity for 8 weeks until healed). I signed up to lead because you can Q it even if you can’t do it.

We SCRATCH That the Pax led by Wham-O took a short little jog to Mountain Street and back to the warm up circle.

WAR- Side Straddle Hops, Chinooks, Deans, Goofballs, Hillbillies

The Thang

There would be 5 exercises performed in front of Command Q Central . Pax would do the first set of exercise. Mosey up to where the parking lot lines start. Then bear crawl to the hill, where they would run 5 hills any way they choose. At the top of the hill after each trip they would perform a Burpee. Then they would mosey back to Command Q Central and do the 1st exercise then the 2nd exercise as so on and so on to the pax completed all 5 exercises.

happy standing ovation GIF by ZEE TV
Great Job by the Pax


1 Lt Dan Burpee’s Qty 10

2 FloRida Merkins Qty 20

3. WWI OR WWII (individual choice) Qty 30

4. Crabcakes Qty 40

5. Orangutan Squats Qty 50


Cindy’s, low slow flutters, camel toes, homer and marge and American Hammers


Gilmore’s parents as they are living through the nightmare of a house fire (3-4 months to get life back to normal)

Paul one of Gilmore’s customers was in a terrible car accident in ICU

Please keep Flaming Hot in your thoughts and prayers and if you have not sent him a letter please do Crawdaddy put his address on slack and I hope after Crawdaddy reads this post he will post his address again.

Gilmore led us out

It is always a pleasure to lead and be apart of this group.