BackBlast: 7/29/2020 Northern Aggression SE/back of bank/Harmon Park

9 PAX including YHC started out this morning with:


Seam Rippers

Hamstring stretch


The Thang

Split into 3 groups of 3 and start at either the Pavilion, Bottom of Hill or Top of Hill and try to complete the following circuit. YHC’s group ended up getting to Round 9.

25 Peter Parker Derkins is “an aggressive number” per Checkbook


Cindys both sides (YHC knows most people stop at 12 Fortran, but we are not most people)

Pretzel Crunches


Prayers for health and healing. Prayers for school administrators, teachers, parents and children

Sprinkler led us out

PAX: Checkbook, Sprinkler, Fortran, Monet (TCLAPS for your second appearance), Handbells, BlueHen, Change Order, Flounder, QIC Special