2020-07-27 School Six Backblast – “Getting your Monet’s Worth”

“10” PAX assembled into the gloom to see what YHC had in store…Water Wings, Mall Cop, Hand bells, Shear Conn (soulmate #1), Crawdaddy (Soulmate #2), Special Ed, Madoff, Slice-n-Dice, Gilmore, and FNG now named “Monet”, Dean (QIC)

Upon arriving, it was obvious it was too dark to start with the football…Water wings approached YHC and all I saw was a silhouette…luckily someone told me we had an FNG! Welcome Stuart, who is named Monet given his commercial painting background! Special Ed and Hand bells were instrumental in bringing him out, tclaps

Monet's "Meules" Sells for Astonishing $110.7 Million, a New ...
“Sunrise in the Gloom” by Monet

After a flawless disclaimer we began WOR of:

Side Straddle Hops

Copperhead squats

Abe Vigodas (3 count each side)

Sun Gods


Then, we moseyed to the back parking lot. YHC, hoping the sun would be up by now had to improvise and make up exercises to give the impression he had a contingency plan….

50% down the lines, 100% back (2 times)

Then lunge down and backwards run back….

Gilmore made sure to note that the ISS flew by earlier in the day…since there were no witnesses we did 1/2 the regular burpees for said events…

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PAX to Gilmore…but the Q gave Gilmore half of what he was looking for….

QIC checks the sunlight…not enough…so….to the hill for 7s of Lt. Dans and Burpees across parking lot.

I heard at least one PAX concerned about ticks

GIF season 2 episode 19 ralph wiggum - animated GIF on GIFER
One of the PAX concerned about Lyme Disease

With the sun still in hiding, YHC tried to stall a bit longer with a 10 count…

Mr Bean Waiting GIF by moodman - Find & Share on GIPHY
YHC waiting on the sun…

With no sunlight in site, we headed to the amphitheater for 7s of Dips (IC) and WWI’s with 7x Monkey humpers each time at the porte cochere and a bear crawl up the hill…

After that, FINALLY, the sun came up.

Sunrise Tom Hiddleston GIF - Sunrise TomHiddleston GoodMorning ...
YHC upon the sunrise

We then did a football routine that was largely made up on the spot…at the end of the day it resulted in 4x Burpees and at least one dent in Special’s car…

Liar Liar The Movie- Car Troubles HD.mov GIF | Gfycat
Special and Dean post workout

Then time for Marys (FNG was told NOT to watch YHC on form):



Homer/Marge (madoff and slice with help on the count…)

Goal Commentary GIF by AS Roma - Find & Share on GIPHY
Slice’s Count


Random Musings:

I think I heard Crawdaddy compliment YHC’s form during WOR…Pigs fly?

Special hid my football…I was very saddened.

Monet did fantastically in his first morning in the gloom.

Gilmore basically had to show FNG everything as YHC slacked…Thanks Gilmore

Welcome back from IR to Mall Cop

Announcements/Prayers – Cooter is engaged! Last week for Quarantined Duck.

Dumb & Dumber - So You're Telling Me There's A Chance GIF | Gfycat
Cooter Proposal caught on tape
Sad Episode 19 GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
The Quarantined Duck…

Shear Conn took us out.

An honor to “lead”,