Backblast – tracing 2.0

5 pax and YHC posted for a revised version of a 2018 workout.


Lap around the skate park

  • SSH x10IC
  • Merkins x5 OYO
  • TTT x10IC
  • Merkins x5 OYO
  • Don Quixotes x10IC 
  • Merkins x5 OYO
  • Nancy Kerrigans x10IC fwd x10IC rev
  • Merkins x5 OYO

The Thang: Tracing.

4th of July Park. Lap around park perimeter. 

  • 25 dips at shelter 1. 
  • 25 derkins at shelter 2. 
  • 25 step ups each leg at shelter 3. 
  • 25 Ranger Irkins at the outdoor classroom.

Baseball field. Partner up.

  • P1 Lap around the baseball field. 
  • P2 hold balls to the walls at backstop

Field behind track. Bear crawl length of field.

Track. Partner up.

  • P1 LBCs
  • P2 run lap

School. Split into 2 groups. Each group does lap in opposite direction around the school, closely following the outline of the building.  Started with 1 burpee at each door.  When the groups met halfway around the school, we held plank for the six. Then continue with your group around school for 1 monkey humper at each door

Benches. 25 Ranger irkins

Front of school. Partner up.

  • P1 Turkish get ups
  • P2 run lap

Basketball court. Bear crawl around the perimeter.


  • Ab roll x5
  • Slow Rosalita Whip x10IC
  • AH x15

22 merkins for the troops

We covered 2.6 miles total.


  • Count-o-rama: 6 with the Q
  • Name-o-rama: Boone’s Farm, Checkbook, Madoff, Fudd, Blue Hen, Tardy (Q)
  • Prayer concerns and announcements: Checkbook and M celebrating 31 yrs of marriage. Tardy and M 24 yrs of marriage, Blue Hen and M 29 yrs of marriage. Fudd has surgery coming up Aug 17, to help open up his airways, and we pray that is safe and effective.  Tardy back from long drive to Texas and back, was checking on 92y.o. grandmother, glad to see her and be safely home. 

Blue Hen led us out in prayer.

Always an honor, and always right on time, Tardy