Fool’s Forecast – 7/24/2020

Dean, Hook ’em and Dr. Evil joined a chagrinned QIC to dodge the rain under the shelter a mere 10 hours after YHC checked the forecast, dismissed Dean and his weather worries and his leg exercise fetish, and stole the Q.

SSHx15 IC; Sun Gods x10 IC wind & unwind; Helicopters x 5 IC; Seam Rippers x 10 IC; Mountain Climbers x 11 IC.

The Thang:
10 items. Tabata style with 45 seconds work & 15 seconds rest.
1. Peter Parker Derkins
2. LBC
3. Dips (extra credit: modify with kick)
4. Step ups (extra credit: modify backwards)
5. Groiners
6. Plankjack Shoulder Tap (Intended in sequence, but Dr. Evil discovered he could do both simultaneously. #RejectGravity)
7. Pistol Sits on bench. (extra credit: just barely tap with bench with your six. Dr Evil again)
8. Merkin Irkins (Merkin on floor, then hands up to bench for Irkin. Don’t bump your head)
9. Gorilla Humpers (a KVegas invention)
10. Bobby Hurleys
Three complete rounds and part of a fourth

Mary: Nolan Ryans x 10 IC each side. American Hammers x 21 IC

Share Dr. Evil’s joy at 2.0 (F3 Frodo) engagement to his long time prospective M. Two great young people from fine families.

Prayers for law enforcement, including Hook ’em, Broadside and Man Hands, as they deal with daily challenges and manpower drain.

Thanks to Dean for inspiring closing prayer and call to action: shoulder your cross and carry God’s love into the world.

Always a privilege to belong, a joy to participate, and a privilege to lead.