Northern Aggression: Backblast, Redux with a Twist

Four loyal pax (Bidet, Madoff, Special, and Dr. Evil QIC) joined in the gloom while Kay nursed a headache (prayers!).

The workout was a ‘twist’ on the workout from two weeks ago, summoned up when there was no space in the other NA workout and there was no Q for this one. After a disclaimer, it went like this:


  • SSH’s, 15 IC
  • Sungods, SS, 15 IC, Reverso
  • Seam rippers, 10 IC

The Thang:

The workout sheet based on the 10 burpee/20 merkin/30 squat model was re-printed. The change was that a deck of cards was introduced, and based on the card pulled an element of the 10/20/30 was removed. Face cards removed burpees, odd number cards removed merkins, even number cards removed squats. After each round, the pax — together –took a lap.

The list, again….

The cards actually helped morale, especially when a face card was flipped. The pax moved through the series to finger tip pushups and right/left lunges. #welldone


  • LBC’s, 50 IC
  • American Hammers, 20 IC


  • Prayers for wisdom re: schools.
  • Let’s find places where we can lead in the COVID environment, and let us see and change areas of systemic racism (totally added by the Q)

Stay safe, and seek understanding!

Dr. Evil

btw, Try this video–timely in this C-19 environment. Choreographed with social distancing all over the world. Pretty cool….