Backblast – Red, White and Boom Monday 7/20/20. A rinse and repeat production.

Pax: Fortran, Crawdaddy, Lovie, Sprinkler, Boone’s Farm, Special Ed, Handbells, Mulligan, Water Wings, and YHC. 

For WOR, the Thang, and 6MOM refer to my Saturday 7/18/20 Pain in the Park backblast cause we just rinsed and repeated that workout.  Complete lack of creativity, I know, but the Q sheet is open.

T-claps to Hand Bells for near perfect attendance since joining the group…only missed Saturday…when the real men workout.  T-claps to Fortran who kept his questions to a minimum on a workout that required a significant amount of instruction.  I think someone took him under their wing.  He did find time to run spellcheck through my weinke.  I was doubled over in pain…

There were no announcements or prayer requests, but I’ll throw out there the need for healing in our country, and the thankless job of local law enforcement everywhere.  Especially our own Man Hands, Hook’em, and Broadside.  Thank you, Gentlemen.

Sprinkler took us out.

Always a privilege, Gentlemen.

Checkbook out!

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