Backblast – Pain in the Park Saturday. 7/18/20. School Six Style

Pax: 9 Pax chose to encounter the world’s largest weinke, test drive a new execon, and see how long it would take for Epstein to take off his shirt. Pacer, Gilmore, Boones Farm, Duvet, Epstein, Hook’em, Crawdaddy, Madoff, and YHC. None were disappointed.

WOR: Very short mosey, SSHs, Abe Vigodas, Seam Rippers, Sun gods, practice-Ab Roll, and we were off to the back parking lot. Hook’em expressed proper appreciation for the short mosey. Hook’em’s relationship with running and jumping…not a match made in heaven.

The Thang: Pain stations were set up in the far corners of the back parking lot. Station 1 – 20 Lt. Dans, 25 Carolina Dry Docks, 30 Gorilla Squats. Station 2 – Hold Plank for a 100 count, 30 Monkey Humpers (IC), 25 Chinooks. Station 3 – 30 Thigh Masters each leg, 25 Sun gods (IC) Fwd and Bkwd, 20 Reverse Lunges each leg. Station 4 – 30 Merkins, 20 Lunges each leg, Hold Reverse Plank for a 120 count.

A center-of-the-parking lot station was also set up, and visited after each pain station. So it was, mosey to a pain station, return to the center, visit the next pain station, return to the center, and so forth.

The center station was the newly-designed Ab Roll. 1 ab roll equals a set of left-side cindy crawfords + a set of left leg up pretzel crunches + a set of LBC’s + a set of right leg up pretzel crunches + and a set of right-side cindy crawfords. All together makes up an ab roll…..b/c the set rolls you from one side to the other…get it…ab roll…abdominal you slowly roll over from one side to the other…never-mind.

On your first trip to the center the set count was 20. next trip was 25, then 30, then ladder down to 25, and then 20. So if you made it through 5 trips to the center, and i think everyone did, that would be a total of 600 reps on the old abdominals. Much joy was expressed throughout the morning..

YHC matched up with the Farmer, Boone and matched his pace for the hour. Did I mention Boones Farm modified-up most every exercise? Me, not so much..

Omaha! And we moseyed back to the cars for 6MOM: one more round of Ab Rolls, gas pumps, Nolan Ryans, and AHs.

Prayer concerns: WSFCS Plan C – first 9 weeks 100% online learning presents big challenges for some families. Pacer and Boones Farm have family dealing with the Corna virus. Epstein’s family traveling to the beach for vacation. This weinke travels, @epstein.

Oh yea. The world’s largest weinke. The weinke was written out over the surface of the parking lot with chalk…thus the parking lot WAS the weinke…. What did you THINK it meant?

Always an honor, Gentlemen.

Checkbook, out!