Backblast -Flash Bang Friday (Bus Benches) – Return of the Big Boy – Friday 7/17/20 – a Crawdaddy production


Pax: Fortran, Gilmore, Special ED, Blue Hen, Whamo, Checkbook, Handbells, Cooter, Hook’em, Shearcon (soulmate), Sludge (special guest), Bidet, Farside, Epstein & Crawdaddy

QIC: Crawdaddy

Zero – no 5, no 10….no 15!!! Pax showed up for what promised to be an all American hot and fresh helping of what the Big Boy had to serve up.  Whamo was early on the scene going to car to car looking for medical attention from a accident in the dark related to walking (something children have mastered).. Blue Hen acted like he didn’t know him, but Hook’em was able to help Humpty Dumpty (as if cops don’t have enough to do).  With late adds of Farside and Cooter plus Cooter Sr. it made for a full 3 ring circus.  With the DJ booth hooked up and a full house we punted on the disclaimer all together and headed to circle up.

WAR: 15x Side Straddle Hops, Abe Vigotas (3 count), Cotton Pickers, drop for hurdler stretch, Helicopters and Frankensteins.

The Thang:  It should have come as a shock to no one, but yet still did that the thang would be based around the always delightful Big Boy Situp. The group was divided to keep distance and spread out.  Each round would have a common denominator of 10 Big Boy Situps  (BBS) plus reps at the benches.  Each round would be 2 cycles.  1st to finish starts an ab circle and leads waiting on 6.

Running BBS Count

Round 1.  10 Derkins – 10 BBS  x2                                          20

Round 2.  20 Dips – 10 BBS  x2                                                40

Round 3.  30 Erkins – 10 BBS x2                                              60

Round 4.  10 Step Ups each leg – 10 BBS  x2                         80  – the official time it sucked

thoughts Fortran saying what QIC was thinking

Round 5.  20 Merkins at Biodome –

lap around the track to 10 BBS  x2                                   100 Total

There was the occasional 10 count mixed in calling on a certain Cooter to count it. Chaos ensued leaving the QIC thinking maybe his next purchase of excavator should be from Volvo instead of Deer/Hitachi.  Who knew counting to 10 could be so tough on a State Grad?….. aaaand go with the comments…


Epstein showed off by doing the same number of reps as everyone else, just in cadence.


Gilmore was killing it at the front of the pack with Cooter’s Dad and Cooter on his heels.

stock stock photo – may be unrelated

With straglers coming in from all directions the ab circle formed for Mary.  To be officially supervised by a cheery and delightful Sludge.

Sludge  played by this guy sludge202


Marge and Homer, Low Slow Flutters, Cindy’s right and left and American Hammers (20)

Tclaps to Hand Bells and Bidet for making it back out and sticking with it.  And Special Ed for at least coming out.

Prayers and Concerns:

Blue Hens friend Alan and his wife on cancer diagnosis, Flamin’ Hot who is in Basic with the Army – please drop him a note, T-shirt sales for Hope Academy were successful and pray for teachers and kids – they need it,

Far Side prayed us out.

Always a pleasure Gents – Crawdaddy out Boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!