Backblast Poison Ivy – A train free/ISS free workout

Another perfect 10 count showed up in the gloom: Hot-N-Now, Duvet, Epstein, Slice-N-Dice,Gilmore, Slug-Daddy, Change Order, Boone’s Farm, Hook-em, Cooter, Lucky Charms and Shear Conn (Q)

WOR: SSH, Cotton Pickers, Imperial Walkers, Ave Vigodas

The Thang: Run the Miracle Mile with a Burpee for each light pole on the left, A Bobby Hurley for each light pole on the right. Hold plank for the 6 at Shields Rd. Return to gate in same fashion.

Mozy to the lower concession stand for 11s. Derkins at lower concession – run to upper lot concession walls for jump ups. (Or step-up each leg)

Mary: Low slow flutters, Cindy Crawfords each side, Hammers

It was killing Gilmore that the ISS was not visible over the horizon and trains were quiet, so we implemented a new 3 burpee rule for low flying crows. (Pretty soon our entire workout is going to be burpees if we keep creating reasons for penalties.)

Prayer concerns: Sludge’s recovery from shoulder surgery and the physical therapist that has to deal with him.

Jonathan Arementa at boot camp. Please send a letter of support if you feel compelled. (See post on Slack – 1st channel)

Slice N Dice’s M’s recovery from surgery.

Gilmore led us out


Shear Conn