Backblast – Northern Aggression – 7/15/2020

After delivering an almost perfect F3 mission statement and disclaimer – 11 PAX (@Dr. Evil, @Special Ed, FNG (Hand Bells), @Blue Hen, @Lovie, @Whamo, @Red Hot, @Bidet, @Fortran, @Checkbook , YHC Flounder) moseyed over to the new parking lot by the Ice Skating Rink for Warmaroma which consisted of Abe Vigoda’s, Seam Rippers, Mountain Climbers, Hillbillies, Sun Gods and  Seal Jacks.

PAX then moseyed down Main Street to the brick wall for

Station 1 –

  • 1-minute balls to the wall
  • 1-minute wall squat
  • 25 Carolina dry docks
  • 25 Lbc’s (ic)
  • Rinse & Repeat

PAX then moseyed down and around the Town Hall/Police Station to the back-parking lot of New Bridge Bank for

Station 2-

  • Bear crawl – 20 paces
  • Thigh master- left leg (10 reps)
  • Bear crawl backwards- (20 paces)
  • Thigh master- right leg (10 reps)
  • Bear crawl sideways(right) – 20 paces
  • Reverse lunge – left leg (10 reps)
  • Bear crawl sideways-(left) – 20 paces
  • Reverse lunge – right leg (10 reps)
  • Bear crawl- 20 paces
  • Lateral lunges(alternating) – 10 each side

PAX then moseyed down Allen Street through parking lot of Court House and up to the Wagon Wheel courtyard for

Station 3- 7’s @ Courthouse Circle

Round 1

  • Crab cakes (ic)
  • L. Dans

Round 2

  • Merkins
  • Monkey humpers (ic)

PAX then moseyed back to bank at Harmon Park for one round of the Plank/Merkin Wave as each Pax made their way around the circle. @Kay joined in the fun at this point after taking a good run with @Florida bring the PAX count to 13.

Mary consisting of only American Hammers.

Name-aroma: Elliott Lutz now known as Hand Bells

Prayer concerns:

  • Sludge – hope for speedy recovery
  • Lovie’s son Alex (Shortbread) to going to take a year off and join the World Race organization starting in September
  • Fortran’s son Scott (Martina) and wife Sara. Had a buyer for their house that backed out at the last minute. They are moving in with Fortran this weekend.
  • Flaming Hot son is in Boot Camp

Special Ed took us out.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead such a fine group of men.