Skate Ratatouille Back Blast 7/13

With just a few minutes before launch the mumble-chatter began with some notable mentions about YHC’s preblast however came the very saddened and broken hearted @fortran. So with that said he gets the honor of the first mention.

Matlab & Fortran Example
Ummm, I got nothing how this relates to Food Trivia

6 pax showed up on time for round 2 of “Food Trivia suckfest”, fortunately for me one decided to show up late and some were missing, we shall call those the cayenne pepper pax. They are going give this backblast some spice!

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Let it be known this Dr Evil is still taller than @dr-evil

Yhc started on time every time with a quick mosey to the SKATE RAT Circle for WOR, which included SSH, Mtn Climbers, Windmills and Sun Goods both stretching style.

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@dean would be proud

At the 11th hr of Wor @Madoff decided to bless us with his presence and do a speed round of Sun gods and windmills.

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Madoff rolling in like he owned the place

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The Madoff version of Wor

For those who decided their bed was better with them in it, or for those who wanted Fried @flounder Libby Hill FOS,

The Thang: 1 question asked to pax member- each question would consisted of 1 reward exercise or mode of transportation. If the pax member provided an incorrect answer the punishment would be doubled.

French onion soup is called french onion bc it uses a unique spice called “lestu-pid” from France.  FALSE! 15 merkins

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@floRida Is that a real spice?

Which of the following vegetables is not one of the ingredients of V-8 juice?

A. beet

B. carrot

C. spinach

D. cabbage

20 pretzels crunches Each leg 40 if answer was wrong.

What is the main ingredient in vichyssoise?

fish soup - GIF on Imgur
Pronounced vi·shee·swaaz not Fishy-swaa like @fortran claimed

A. lima beans

B. clams

C. tomatoes

D. potatoes   

20 Daniel Son each leg

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In Japan a chef must train for 2 yrs before they are certified to work with puffer fish.

Skips to playground from shelter 2-  punishment Bear Crawl to playground

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@changeorder feeling the pressure
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Luckily @changeorder got it right

In those 2 yrs they actually work in a nursing home feeding the patrons their practice fish. If they die they dont pass

15 Copperhead Squats

After some more questions and some more exercises we mosey to the parking lot for Mary which consisted of Shake and bake, and

Shake 'N Bake Extra Crispy Seasoned Coating Mix - 5.5oz : Target
I mean why not!

with final question the YHC had to think quick…Peaches were the first fruit to be eaten on the moon- True or False 20 American Hammers if answered correctly

Preayer Request/ PRAISE!

@blue-hen or now known as Blue Coq au Vin- daughter contracted Covid but is doing very well, with the exception of losing her sense of taste

The Qaurantined Duck will be posting a menu for this week

FloRida lead us out with 22 to finish off Food Triva suckfest Rnd 2

An honor to lead


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